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Dinting (Zion) Methodist School, Simmondley Lane

Built in 1889 to accommodate 323 children.

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Zion School, circa 1929. Zion School, circa 1929
Zion School, 1940s Zion School, 1940s.
Zion School, 1940s. Zion School, 1940s
Zion School, 1949 Zion School, 1949.
Back row left to right: Alan Woodacre, Clifford Batty, Christine Dalton, Linda Bardsley, Graham Harrison, Trevor Bates.
Third row left to right: Keith Broderick, Joan Ashton, Hilary Fenton, Sylvia Gerrard, Margaret Gerrard (twins), George Holgate.
Second row left to right: Sylvia Shaw, Barbara Jackson, Kathleen Clark, Angela Bowen, Maureen Hobson, Dorothy Johnson.
Front row left to right: Sandra Gould, Elaine Matthews, Pamela Wilson, David Walpole (twin), Harold Mountain, Peter Walpole (twin), Harry Craig.

Many thanks to Angela (Bowen) Grills for providing the names.
Zion School, Mrs Birt's class ca 1949. Zion School, Mrs Birt's class ca 1949

Zion, Miss Siddall's Class, September 1955 Zion, Miss Siddall's Class, September 1955.
Standing left to right: John Griffiths, Dominic Lees, Harry Turner, David Ford, Peter Murphy, Philip Acomb, ? ?, Michael Darling, Miss Siddall, ? ?, Robert Farrell.
Seated: Terence Gorton, Susan Wilson ?, Nina Purslove, Janis Duckworth, Susan Turner, Rhona Woodhead, Lorraine Wilmott, Lynda Pomfret, Gayle Newman, Philip Goodwin, Jack Poole.

Zion School, December 1955. Zion School, December 1955

Zion Class, 1960 Zion Class, 1960.
Back row left to right: Nigel Rhodes, Michael Darling, Neville Ashton, John Berry, Paul Baxter, Philip Goodwin, Terence Gorton, Alan Clarke.
Middle row: Susan Turner, John Griffiths, David Ford, Peter Murphy, Harry Turner, Jack Poole, Keith Coxon, Janis Duckworth.
Front row: Rhona Woodhead, Lorraine Wilmott, Judith Ford, Lynda Pomfret, Joy Booth, Nina Purslove, Susan Brocklehurst, Jane Newman.

Zion Class, 1960.
Back row left to right: Gerald Poyzer, Peter Lee, William Swales, Joseph James, Douglas Gibbons, Owen Gibbons, John Goddard.
Middle row: Andrew Thomas, John Lee, Frank Turner, David Griffiths, Gillian Bennett, Valerie Robinson, Doreen Wilson, Judith Robinson.
Front row: Dorothy Goodwin, Lyn Walshaw, Marilyn Blake, Susan Wood, ??? Unknown, Gillian Smith, Sharon Darling, Jean Brooke, Sylvia Carr.
Zion Class, 1960

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