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Duke of Norfolk's Church of England School, Old Glossop

Originally Endowed and Built, with Master's residence, in 1852 by Henry Charles 13th Duke of Norfolk, enlarged in 1887 to accommodate 250 boys, 250 girls and 100 infants.

White's History, Gazetteer & Directory of Derbyshire & Sheffield, 1857, describes the school as "The Grammar School, Old Glossop" and tells us it was "a handsome Elizabethan stone building, erected by the late Duke of Norfolk, in 1852, at a cost of 2000. It is situated at the west end of the church-yard and consists of a boy's, girls' and infants' rooms, with residence for the head-master; the boys' room is 90 feet by 33 feet, and 23 feet high. The master's residence forms the eastern end of the building, and the girls' and infants' rooms the western. It will afford accommodation for above 500 children and the average attendance is about 400." The head master was Mr Alfred J. Littler. The directory goes on to say "The Mechanics Institution, established in 1842, is held in the Grammar School, in connection with which is an excellent collection of upwards of 10,000 volumes of books, besides the leading periodicals. It consists of about 100 members who pay an annual subscription of 5s; Mr Adam Knott, Librarian.".
Further information is given under Charities: "In 1852, His Grace the late Duke of Norfolk had the old school taken down and the present handsome structure erected on the site, at a cost of 2,000, and which he munificently endowed with 4000, 3 per cent consols. It is termed the Grammar or Head school, and is capable of accommodating 550 children; the present attendance is above 400, viz., Upper school, 59 boys and 79 girls; Second school, 133 boys; Infants' school, 130. The terms are, boys, classical instruction, 15s. per quarter; Commercial only, 10s. Second school, boys, 4d per week. Girls school, First division 3d., and Second division 2d. per week. The head master receives a salary of 70 per annum (and the fees) with residence; the Mistress 45 per annum, and the Infant schoolmaster 25 per annum, both inclusive of fees, but no residence. The schools are open to children of all denominations.".
The Post Office Directory of Derbyshire, 1876, says "In the immediate vicinity of the parish church is a large and handsome endowed school, with residence for the master, built and endowed by the late Henry Charles Duke of Norfolk. There are upwards of 300 scholars on the registers.". In the list of schools it states that William Mitchell was master and Mrs Emma Mitchell, mistress.
Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire, 1895, has a list of schools including this entry. "Endowed, Old Glossop, with master's residence, built and endowed in 1852 by Henry Charles, 13th Duke of Norfolk, & enlarged in 1887, for 250 boys, 250 girls and 100 infants; average attendance, 100 boys, 70 girls & 65 infants; Arthur Henry Roberts, master; Miss Moore, mistress; Miss Arnold, infants' mistress.".

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Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1902 Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1902.
4th right on the front row, next to the girl with the board is Edith Brooks.
Many thanks to Mr K Bickerdike for supplying the name and date.

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1918.
Back row: N Cameron, Wilfred Eyre, Herbert Allen, J McCardle, Joseph Charlesworth, John Boardman, T Bradbury, Eric Mason.
Middle row: Ursula Ollerhead, Evelyn Newton, Elizabeth Massey, Winifred Thorp, Elsie Maloney, Ellen Winterbottom, Irene Hallam, Ann Pattison, Margaret Smith, Mr Edgar Ollerhead
Front row: Ernest Doxon, Hilda Barber, Winifred Wharmby, Alice Rowbottom, Lilian Barber, Olive Lawton, Eleanor Marsden, Lancelot Bennett.
3 boys at the front: J Anderson, Alfred Hirst, George Winterbottom.
Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1918

Duke of Norfolk's Class IV, ca 1922-23 Duke of Norfolk's Class IV, ca 1922-23.
On the extreme left of the front row is Rita Taylor (later Broadbent).
Robert J Brown is standing behind her, extreme left.

Thanks very much to Carole Byrne who tells us : "The girl in the middle of the front row with her arms folded is my mother Ada Johnson (later Cooper). The girls on either side of her were twins Mary and Beatrice Pattison; their older sister Ann is pictured above."

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1928.
Back Row: ??, Frank Chapman, Fred Byrom, Douglas Bickerdike, ??, ??
Third row: Frank Conner, Ronnie Biddle, ??, ??, Frank Matthews, Stanley Bruckshaw, Frank Bradbury, ??.
Second row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Margaret Seville, ??, Irene Dewsnap.
Front row: ??, Marion Hallows, Margaret Bradbury, Josephine Sayers.
Many thanks to Mr K Bickerdike for supplying most of the names and to June Fox who tells us that "the little girl far left 2nd row is my mother Irene Dewsnap, affectionately known as Rene".
Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1928

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1930 Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1930.
Back Row: Miss Mansfield, J Dewsnap, B Hughes, Tom Shepley, Cyril Longden, Cyril Downs, James Hobson, Fred Hadfield, Tom Blackburn, Alice Currie.
Middle row: Ivy Thorp, E Hambleton, Edith Hobson, Eva Swann, T Bowden, Edith Bunting, May Foster, M Hulmes, Marian Longson, Elsie Anderson.
Front row: E Mather, P Dewsnap, Mary Allsop, Ann Beard, Lily Matthews, P Bagshaw, E Fish, Marjorie Heap, Madge Higginbottom.
Seated at front: John Barber, Cyril Cullen, Ernest Bradbury, Ernest Parker.

Duke of Norfolk's Junior Year, 1932.
Back Row: Stanley Winterbottom, Eric Cooper, Walter Bradbury, Eric Allen, Allan Entwistle, James Storah, Tom Mather, R Pirie.
Middle row: Fred Winterbottom, Wright Waterhouse, Arthur Higginbottom, Albert Simpson, Peter Harrison, Albert Longson, Bernard Fone, Sydney Bunting.
Front row: Harold Barber, George Wharmby, Neil Sharples, Bill Matthews, William Sills, Gerald Culverwell, Jack Holden.
Duke of Norfolk's Junior Year, 1932

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1935 Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1935.
Back Row: Sydney Bunting, James Storah, Tom Mather, Wright Waterhouse, Arthur Higginbottom, George Wharmby, Albert Simpson.
Third row: Freda Marsden, Dorothy Capper, Jean Holt, Eunice Shepherd, Audrey Sharples, Joan Bailey, Sarah Mellor.
Second row: Eileen Thornley, Dorothy Battersby, Margaret (Peggy) Hallam, Alice Littler, Margery Doodson, Sheila Winterbottom, Miss Mansfield (Teacher).
Front row: Gerald Culverwell, Kenneth Bickerdike, Alan Maltby, William Mathews, Stanley Winterbottom.
Many thanks to Mr K Bickerdike for supplying the names.

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1940.
Back Row: Edward Byrom, Donald Crann, Wilfred Chappell, Ian Elliott, Maurice Bates.
Middle row: Irene Robinson, Lois Eyre, Marjorie Wharmby, Joan Morgan, ??, Jean Waterhouse.
Front row: Kenneth Priestley, Roy Raddon, Hilary Maltby, ??, Basil Walmsley, Mr Cottrill.
Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1940

Duke of Norfolk's Class, circa 1954 Duke of Norfolk's Class, circa 1954 ( pupils would be about 7 years old.).
Back row: Mrs Jean Biddle, ??, ??, ??, ??.
Third row: Tony Kenyon, Wilfred Jones, John Hyde, John Broadbent, Keith Tinsdeall, ??, ??.
Second row: Rosalind Bowden, Ann Birchenough, Jennifer Hyde, Joanna Fowden, Judith Ramsden, Patricia Donlon, Julia Cadman.
Front row: ??, John Cullen, Michael Sanderson, Peter Pascall, Peter Dwyer, Geoffrey O Booth, John Holden.

Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 1), circa 1956.
Back row: Mrs Jean Biddle, Jean Stafford, Valerie Hall, Linda Marsland, Kathryn Lester, Margaret ?, Susan Goddard?, Jaqueline Barber, Jennifer Holden, Pam Oliver.
Third row: David Allen, Andrew Sorrell, William Minshull, David Travis, Martin Chilman, Philip Hall, John Handforth, Stephan Wain.
Second row: Anne Holden, Joyce Marsden, Pat Biddle, Beatrix Cohen, Barbara Bottoms, Barbara Wragg, Dorothy Coates, Patricia Hadfield.
Front row: Philip Schofield, Ian McCardle, Harold Barber, George Wharmby, Martin Reed, Philip Barber, Roger Hart.
Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 1), circa 1956

Duke of Norfolk's Class, circa 1956 Duke of Norfolk's Class, circa 1956 (pupils would be about 8 years old).
Back row: Miss Kathleen Mary Downs, Pam Oliver, Elizabeth Robertson, Sheila Ford, Jane Bannister, Rosemary Bradbury, Hazel Hanmer.
Third row: Philip Hall, ??, John Broadbent, Kenneth Oldham, Michael Naden, Martyn Chilman.
Second row: Joyce Marsden, Jean Stafford, Jennifer Kain, Jacqueline Barber, Kathleen Longson, Pamela Woodcock, Ellen Barber, Dorothy Coates.
Front row: Philip Schofield, Philip Barber, Guy Rogers, Julian Batsleer, John Slinger, Martin Reed.

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1956/57.
Back row: Mrs Shirley Crowther, ??, Jaqueline Dorrington, Philip Barber, Carolyn Robertson, Jim Fidler, Patricia Shepley, ??, Pat Moss.
Middle row: ??, Sylvia Garside, Jean Barber, Jane Warhurst, Kathleen Kain, Linda Moss, Jane Webster.
Front row: Trevor Schofield, Philip Jones, George Wharmby, Andrew Peppin, Trevor James, ??.
Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1956/7

Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 2), circa 1957 Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 2), circa 1957.
Back row: Mrs Kathleen Hankins, John Broadhurst, Barbara Bottoms, David Travis, Linda Marsland, William Minshull, Kathryn Lester.
Third row: Richard Mason, Malcolm Townend, Sandy Elcrowe, Andrew Sorrell, David Allen, Andrew Potter, Martin Hill.
Second row: Barbara Byrom, Margaret Woodhead, Beatrix Cohen, Jennifer Holden, Valerie Hall, Barbara Wragg, Pat Biddle, Anne Holden.
Front row: Roger Hart, John Moffat, Roger Hartley, John Handforth, Peter Ainsworth, Christopher Cavanagh, Peter Bradshaw.

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1957/58.
Back row: Mrs Shirley Crowther, Helen Robertson, Kathleen Kain, Susan Grant, Linda Moss, Anne Ross, Rosemary Hulmes, Jane Warhurst, Elizabeth Blackburn.
Third row: Alan Warhurst, Trevor James, Andrew Peppin, David Daley, Jim Brightmore, ??, David Taylor, Paul Beresford, Philip Schofield.
Second row: Kathryn Farmer, Denise Bilson, ??, Gillian Alpe, June Hewitt, Rita Barber, Linda Cooper, Bridget Harrison, Susan Farmer.
Front row: Graham Reed, Michael Cavanagh, Bill Swann, John Holden, Alan Peck, Michael Campbell, Richard Wilde.
Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1957/8

Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 3), circa 1958 Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 3), circa 1958.
Back row: Miss Kathleen Mary Downs, Valerie Hall, Linda Marsland, Margaret Longden, Kathryn Lester, Jennifer Holden, Barbara Bottoms.
3rd row: Philip Barber, Peter Ainsworth, David Allen, William Minshull, David Travis, Andrew Sorrell, Sandy Elcrowe, John Handforth.
Second row: Anne Holden, Barbara Byrom, Linda Holgate, Barbara Wragg, Beatrix Cohen, Margaret Woodhead, Ellen Barber, Jane Webster.
Front row: Peter Bradshaw, Christopher Cavanagh, Malcolm Townend, Roger Hartley, Roger Moffat, Roger Hart.

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1958.
Back Row: Mr Fred Colclough [Head], ??, Jacqueline Barber, Sheila Ford, Rosemary Bradbury, Ann Birchenough, Elizabeth Robertson, Susan Davies, Teacher Eddie Leney.
Third row: Phillip Hall, Tony Kenyon, Kenneth Oldham, ??, John Barber, John Broadbent, Keith Tinsdale, Derek Barnet.
Second Row: Joyce Marsden, Jennifer Kane, Pam Oliver, ??, Jean Stafford, Maralyn Riley, Pamela Woodcock, ??.
Front Row: Martin Reed, Wilfred Jones, ??, Martin Booth, Martin Chilman, Guy Rogers, Philip Schofield.
Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1958

Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 4), circa 1959 Duke of Norfolk's Class (Standard 4), circa 1959.
Back row: Christopher Cavanagh, Harold Barber, Martin Hill, James Fidler, Peter Ainsworth, George Wharmby, Richard Wilson, David Ingles, Mr Eddie Leney.
Middle row: Philip Jones, Elaine Oldham, Barbara Bottoms, Margaret Longden, Barbara Wragg, Sylvia Garside, Philip Jones.
Front row: Barbara Jones, Barbara Byrom, Pamela Ford, Susan Booth, Jane Wilson, Jean Bradshaw, Jean Barber, Doreen Hadfield.

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1960.
Back Row: ??, ??, Geoffrey Barber, ??, Judy Rogers, Alison Moffat, Graham Blackburn, ??, ??, Mr Fred Colclough.
Third row: Philip Rankilor, Nicholas Williams, Frank Ainsworth, Steven Smith, Ashley Moss, Nigel Robertson, Graham Taylor, Nicholas Goddard, ??, Peter Wrigley.
Second Row: Christine Higginbottom, Barbara Shepherd, Susan Prest, Christine Russell, Linda Downs, Lorraine Simmonite, Denise Raddon, Louise Garside, Joyce Holden.
Front Row: Paul Schofield, Wayne Swann, Jonathan Warhurst, Kevin Barber, Christopher Davies, John Thompson, Ian Taylor.
Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1960

Duke of Norfolk's Class, 1961 Duke of Norfolk's Class, circa 1961.
Back row: Mr Fred Colclough (Headmaster), Philip Schofield, David Taylor, Robert Isherwood, David Daley, Robert Farrell, John Moffatt.
Middle row: Susan Farmer, Elizabeth Blackburn, Linda Moss, Jacqueline Dorrington, Anne Ross, Jane Warhurst, June Hewitt.
Front row: Graham Reed, John Holden.

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