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The Mills in Glossopdale in Chronological Order.

Mill Built Owner Closed [some continued in other concerns]
Brookside Mill [Waterside] 1760 Turner & Thornley 1976. Originally a fulling mill, changed to cotton c 1780’s, additional buildings 1785-90, Garden Mill 1819/20 reduced 1966
Bridge End Fulling Mill 1780 John Thornley & 3 partners became part of Howardtown mills, closed 1957
Cross Cliffe 1782/3 John Newton See 1815 below and the article Further Notes on the Mills of Glossopdale.
Rolph’s Mill 1784/5 William Sheppard
Sheppard took out a lease on October 1st 1784 by the Brook on what is now Wesley St and built the mill which was later converted to cottages c 1807, the warehouse being the building at right angles to the street, Benjamin Rolfe was the first tenant and later John Shepley and Samuel and Joseph Fielding
Shepley’s Mill [Wharf Mill] 1784/5 John Shepley 1851
Warth Mill [Knott’s, Platt's] 1784/5 Joseph Hallam
Hallam, a cotton manufacturer of Oldham took a 99 year lease on 2,420 square yards of land between Warhurst Meadow and Warth Close and what is now Water St and Glossop Brook. Due to financial problems it belonged to at least 10 owners by 1873 and was worked by others besides Knott and Platt. 1870’s became Meadow Mills
Best Hill Mill 1784 John Marsland
Bridgefield Mill 1784 John Garlick 1785 burnt down
Shepley Mill [Green Vale] 1784 & 1810 Shepley 1930s
Thread Mill 1789 Benjamin Goodison 1898
Jumble Mill before 1790 John Robinson 1790 when Robinson built Gnat Hole
Tip Mill 1791 John Bennett became part of Olive & Partingtons
Bankswood 1791 Thomas Bottomley
Hawkshead Mill 1791 James Starkie 1875 became Isaac Jackson
Charlestown Mill 1792 Charles Hadfield became part of John Walton’s closed 1962
Padfield Brook Mill 1793 Robert Lees c 1880. demolished early 1970’s
Bottoms Mill 1795 John Turner later Bottom’s Lodge sold 1867, submerged
Valehouse Mill 1795 Robert & John Thornley 1876 sold to waterworks & submerged
Hurst Mill 1799-1802 Robert Atherton 1938
Mouse Mill 1800 John Booth
Simmondley Mill 1800 Joseph Lyne
Cowbrook 1801 William Hadfield 1898
Whitfield 1802 George Roberts
Mill Town 1803 Thomas Shaw burnt down 1842, rebuilt as Wood Narrow Mill
Clarkes mill 1803 William Barber incorporated in Rhodes ‘Top Mill’1874
Lower Mill 1804 William Barber 1863 incorporated in Rhodes ‘Top Mill’1874
Logwood 1804/5 Wagstaff brothers became part of Potter’s printworks
Gnat Hole Mill 1805 John Robinson 1884
Turn Lee 1805 William Kershaw became part of Olive & Partingtons
Burymewick 1805 John Shaw became part of Olive & Partingtons
Lower Water [Waterloo Mill] 1807 Robert Bennett 1879 burnt down and also:-
Barrack Mill [Hope, Top, Ward’s] 1807 Robert Bennett 1879 burnt down
Coombs Mill 1811 Joseph Thornley
Holehouse Mill c 1811 Joseph Thornley
Hadfield Lodge c 1811 Thomas Thornley
Braddock’s [Mouse Nest] 1811 James Braddock 1860 became a farm barn
Primrose Mill 1811 Joseph Hadfield 1872 [paper staining from 1871]
Brookfield c1811 Samuel Shepley closed during First World War
Wren Nest 1815 Matthew Ellison 1955
New Water 1815 Robert Bennett 1873 became Meadow Mills
Cross Cliffe Abt 1815 William Hadfield 1868 Burnt down, rebuilt, demolished 1902
Boggart 1817 Joseph Lyne became part of Potter’s printworks
Thornley Mill c1820 John Thornley 1899 demolished
Woolley Bridge 1825 Henry Lees burnt down,late 1860’s
Station Mills 1855 Thomas & Edward Platt later Wilman’s - closed 1989
Mersey Mills 1859 Thomas and James Rhodes 1935

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